The Science Behind The Flu Shot Article Answer Key

Most flu vaccines protect against four types of viruses explains Dr. The number of people sick andor hospitalized from measles mumps and rubella increased.

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The science behind the flu shot article answer key. This exposure can stimulate an immune response that provides protection from the flu without causing illness. Pregnant women should not get the flu shot. There are many different strains of the flu and the predominant strains that spread change each flu season.

The interaction between patients and providers is the cornerstone of maintaining confidence in vaccination. When you get the flu shot your arm might be sore red or a bit swollen. Science Article 51 – Science of the Flu Shot Vaccines Google Slides PDFs This science article sub plan comes in two versions with answer key.

Palevsky doesnt seem to know that if you produce an effective immune response to a key protein of a virus or even just a key portion of a key protein as long as the protein or fragment of a protein used as an antigen was well-chosen the immune response provoked by that antigen can attack the virus and prevent infection. The flu vaccine gives you the flu or makes you sick. An influenza A H1N1 virus an influenza A H3N2 virus and two influenza B viruses The vaccine can be made from an inactivated virus which means the particles have been grown in a culture and have lost their ability to cause disease.

Flu vaccines contains dangerous ingredients such as mercury formaldehyde and antifreeze. And a number of deaths. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides.

What kind of vaccine is it. The worldwide media ran with the story and as a result immunization rates for MMR dropped. The most common influenza vaccine is made from inactivated killed viruses that are given as an intra-muscular injection.

A handful of mistruths and misconceptions about the flu shot is partly to blame for too-low vaccination rates. Experts Say Further Study of Past Pandemics Key to Preparedness. This journal article first mentioned the theory which is now discredited that colitis and autism spectrum disorders could be caused by the MMR measles mumps and rubella vaccine.

92-97 Findings of a review on determinants of nurses practices regarding influenza. The vaccination could make them sick which is false. The 1954 field trial of Jonas Salks inactivated poliovirus vaccine IPV was another important milestone in the use of the scientific method to test a vaccine.

Even more ignorant though Dr. The flu shot doesnt work. Did a CDC Doctor Say the Flu Shot Is Causing a Deadly Outbreak.

A study suggests the answers. Two different influenza vaccines cell-culture based inactivated vaccine and recombi-nant influenza vaccine or RIV are made without the use of eggs. Scientists can determine which flu virus is most likely to circulate during the next flu season and once identified can change the antigen but keep everything else in the vaccine the same.

Past flu infections prove to be the key to the deadliest pandemic ever Researchers have wondered why the 1918 flu killed so many young people. Plenty of research shows that the vaccine. Here are popular reasons not to get the flu shot dismantled by science one by one.

However in a Journal of Infectious Diseases review article now. This trial enrolled a huge number of subjects13 million children in allin what is the largest medical field trial ever conducted. The vaccination needs to be given every year.

A nasal spray influenza vaccine containing. A disreputable web site used an unsourced and fabricated quote to link deaths from the flu epidemic to the flu shot. While the antigen changes in the flu vaccine every year the manufacturing process remains the same and is founded on ongoing virus tracking around the world.

These side effects may start shortly after getting the shot and can last up to two days. 20 90 91 Health professionals knowledge and attitudes about vaccines have previously been shown to be an important determinant of their own vaccine uptake their intention to recommend the vaccine to their patients and the vaccine uptake of their patients. Scientists and public health officials wary that the H5N1 avian influenza virus could trigger an influenza pandemic have looked to past pandemics including the 1918 Spanish Flu for insight into pandemic planning.

The flu shot works by exposing an individual to an inactivated form of the influenza virus aka the flu. They should not get in the way of your daily activities. The flu vaccine doesnt protect against all strains of the flu.

A few people do have a headache or a low-grade fever for about a day after they get the shot.

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